BigVideo.js – big background video and images


  • the plugin helps you to add full background videos to your website;
  • you can use it with a single video on repeat or to show a video playlist;
  • the videos can play silent;
  • the plugin uses the video.js api (so you will need to include the video.js file in your page);
  • it also requires jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery imagesloaded.


Play a series of ambient background videos (without sound)

$(function() {
    var BV = new $.BigVideo();

Remember that mobile devices do not allow video autoplay. You can use Modernizr to detect for touchscreen devices, then show a large poster image fot BigVideo to use instead

var BV = new $.BigVideo();
if (Modernizr.touch) {'video-poster.jpg');
} else {'video.mp4',{ambient:true});


Ambient video demo

Series of ambient background videos demo

Mobile demo